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Gerrards Cross Cricket Club - Young Cricketers - Coaching Policy

Gerrards Cross CC - Coaching Policy
Player Development Guidelines


U5s - U8s

l    Fun and participation
l    Overall athletic development
l    Development of Agility, Balance, Coordination & speed
l    Introduction of basic skills of throwing, catching &striking
l    Introduction to modified and simple games not formal matches
l    Participation in as many other sports & activities as possible.
l    Introduction of simple rules & ethics
l    Well-structured and monitored programme

U9s & U10s

l    Introduction to general physical conditioning for Cricket to include endurance,     
      strength, flexibility & speed
l    Introduction of Cricket specific skills Batting, bowling, fielding and wicketkeeping.
l    Modified games to teach game awareness and decision making
l    Emphasis on increased understanding rather than performance outcome.
l    Development of a positive attitude to self and others
l    Positive behaviour on and off the field and respecting the game.

U11s - U14s

l    Physical conditioning including endurance, flexibility, strength and speed
l    Utilise the growth spurt to improve speed and strength
l    Increased technical work on front and back foot offensive and defensive techniques.
l    Increased emphasis on the technical requirements of fielding catching and wicket     
      keeping skills.
l    Introduce match situations to training to hone tactical awareness.
l    Introduce individualised training programmes dependent on specific needs and     
      stage of growth and development
l    Introduce tactics and competitive situations, make key decisions, learn from     
      mistakes, recognise key match moments.
l    Fitness tests to establish benchmarks
l    Performance lifestyle skills to include health and nutrition
l    Reinforce positive attitudes and behaviours on and off the pitch.

U15s - U17s

l    Create the environment for independence and individual responsibility.
l    Making key decisions under pressure in match situations.
l    Mentoring and guidance from elite players
l    Individualised training programmes for specific roles in the team
l    Remedial programme to help skill deficiencies