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Gerrards Cross Cricket Club - Young Cricketers - Child Protection Policy

ECB "Safe Hands" Policy - The Welfare of Young People in Cricket

A Guide to Parents and Carers

The England and Wales Cricket Board is firmly and enthusiastically committed to ensuring that Cricket provides a safe, friendly and enjoyable experience for Children and Vulnerable Adults in particular. Gerrards Cross Cricket Club fully endorse this policy.

The Welfare of Young People in Cricket Policy provides our sport with the tools to ensure that the whole game takes up the challenge of continuously improving the participation conditions for Children and Young People.

Underpinning Principles

  • All Young People within Cricket, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability or disability, have the right to be protected.
  • All Young People participating in sport and in particular Cricket, have the right to do so in a safe environment.
  • Adults working within Cricket will provide a safe, positive and fun Cricketing experience for Young People.
  • Adults - Volunteers, Coaches, Umpires and Scorers will understand and be supported in their role and responsibility with regard to the Duty of Care for Young People.
  • Individuals will receive support through Education and Training, to be aware of and understand best practice and how to manage any welfare issues which may come to light.

It is important that all individuals working with Young People behave in an appropriate manner, operating within an acceptable ethical framework. This will protect both the Young People and Adults within Cricket.

All Young People have a right to be safe and enjoy their Cricket. All County Boards and Clubs therefore have a duty of care to all Young People participating in Cricket.

The duty of an Individual, Organisation, Club or County Cricket Board has to ensure the safety and welfare of any Young Person involved in related activities, to safeguard them and protect them from reasonably foreseeable forms of harm.

Photography and Video

Gerrards Cross Cricket Club will use the following guide:

  • Ask for the Young Cricketer's and parental permission to use his/her image. This ensures that they are aware of the way the image is to be used to represent Cricket.
  • If a photograph is used, avoid naming the Young Cricketer.
  • Only use images of Young Cricketers in appropriate dress, to reduce the risk of inappropriate use, and to provide positive images of the Young Cricketers.
  • Encourage the reporting of inappropriate use of images of Young People. If you are concerned, report your concerns to the county Board or Club Welfare Officer.
  • Using Video as a coaching aid: There is no intention to prevent Club Coaches using video equipment as a legitimate coaching aid. These images will be treated as confidential and stored appropriately.

Changing Policy

  • Most cricket pavilions/club houses do not have separate changing facilities. We suggest that all players arrive at the venue changed and ready to play. The changing room can be used for kit storage, putting on protective equipment and team talks.
  • Youth cricketers playing in senior sides - since most pavilions/club houses do not have separate changing facilities youth players will be changing with senior adult cricketers. If you have concerns about this contact our welfare officer.


  • It is the responsibility of parents and carers to transport their child/children to and from the club and to club fixtures.
  • In an emergency when a coach/manager must transport a player, parental consent must be given. The club will endeavour to ensure that a private vehicle registration form is completed. This will ensure that the vehicle has appropriate insurance and tax.

First Aid

Gerrards Cross Cricket Club will ensure that all coaches and match managers have a first aid qualification. First aid boxes will be available at the club and with team managers at away matches.
A record of any incident will be recorded and reviewed by the welfare officer.