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GXCC: Looking forward to the 2021 cricket season (!)

26 Jan 2021

Dear all,

A belated happy new year to all members of Gerrards Cross Cricket Club.

With snow on the ground, the England team far away in Sri Lanka and all of us firmly in the grip of Lockdown 3, it is hard to imagine playing cricket any time soon. But I want to reach out to you all to bring you some exciting news about the 2021 season…even though, being honest, we’re still not sure exactly  when it will begin or what it is going to look like!

If any of you have been taking your daily exercise near the club, you may have noticed some important developments:

  • First, since the season ended in September, we have begun a process of radical improvement to the cricket field involving the removal of dead grass roots, enhanced drainage, the laying of new sand and soil  and the re-seeding of the whole outfield. The benefits of this process are already clear to see with verdant green grass in abundance. Our hope is that the days of mortal danger caused by unevenly  bouncing cricket balls are behind us!
  • Second, in the last couple of weeks, work has begun on the building of our new terrace facing the cricket field. The plan is to have a large flat patio area, with chairs and tables, at the level of the clubhouse floor accessed by a gentle ramp coming from the car park, and sets of steps from the field. As well us ensuring that our new terrace provides a fantastic view of the cricket and indeed the adjacent tennis courts, the new facilities are also designed to be safer with less tripping hazards and more straightforward wheelchair access. There have also been some improvements to the changing rooms too with better heating and improved shower facilities.

Turning to the cricket season itself, we are pleased to announce a change in our training and coaching arrangements for our younger players. Following a number of years of terrific coaching from Nigel Bruce and his Future Legends team we have decided to pass responsibility for junior coaching to Chris Marrow, who many of you will already know, and his Cricket School of Excellence. As before, we will continue to emphasise that junior cricket is fundamentally about participation and enjoyment for the boys and girls playing our wonderful game. But we also want to try to improve the channels of communication between the junior teams and the coaching setup, and between the junior cricketers and the senior teams. Our aim is that having a senior member of our first eleven overseeing the coaching should help to bring the junior and senior sections of the club more closely together. I know for sure that Chris is very excited at being given this opportunity.

One innovation that we are hoping will be popular this season is a change in the timing of coaching of our younger cricketers from Sunday morning to Friday evening. Our hope is that Friday evening can become a time when junior parents, and indeed other club members, can gather at the club to watch their kids and enjoy a drink in the bar, hopefully sitting on our spanking new balcony. Andrew Smith will be providing more details of the new junior cricket arrangements soon so watch this space.

Of course, all of our plans for next season are subject to inevitable COVID uncertainties. But with the changes I’ve described above, I am really excited about the prospect of the new season, whenever and however it starts. And if this season is anything like the last, I know that we can reply on the membership in providing support and getting involved when things get moving again.

All the best and looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Peter Westaway

Chairman Gerrards Cross Cricket Club