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06 Sep 2020

Dear Member,

For once in my life I am almost lost for words, but not quite. I am delighted to inform you all that thanks to your generosity and to your incredible fund raising exploits in June, GXCC is now in a stable financial position and can look forward to a bright future. So much so, we very nearly have sufficient funds in our account to undertake desperately needed, and long overdue, remedial work on our outfield.

Many of you will have seen the poor state of our outfield this season. We have, in the last 18 months, tried to rectify this but, if the truth be told, we have been constrained by a lack of money to get to the heart of the problem. We are now, however, tantalisingly close to having sufficient funds to undertake major repair work on our outfield. The project will cost in the region of £18,000 in total and will involve three key treatments: 

* Fraize mowing - if you are interested, I would recommend you type this word into Google and you will find a number of videos which show you what this is and its purpose.

* Rootzone – this is a combination of specialist topsoil and sand to promote grass germination. A large quantity is involved. 

* Vertidraining – this is the process of injecting holes into the outfield so that air gets below the surface and grass seed can be inserted at the same time. This promotes better germination. 

There are other procedures that will happen as well - all designed to promote much improved grass growth and a smoother outfield for everyone’s benefit.

We are about £3,000 short of where we need to be but the work will still go ahead and has been booked in for the 21st September. 

And so for the last time this season, I am asking if you would be able to donate a sum of money in order to help the club make up the shortfall highlighted above. It would mean we could do all the work recommended and will undoubtedly help us to return our outfield to its former glory, and then all being well we will have a playing facility that will be the envy of all the clubs in the locality.

In the hope you are able to help GXCC, could I ask you to send your donation as soon as possible to our account: 

GX Cricket, Barclays Bank
Sort Code: 20 02 06
Account number: 50372471
Ref: Outfield

We have made it through this season, so let’s look forward to a COVID free summer of cricket in 2021.

Many Thanks,
Richard Graham
GXCC Ground Officer