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GXCC: Another quick update on fund-raising and nets

22 May 2020

Dear members and friends,

A quick update on fund-raising and nets.

On fund-raising, many thanks to those who have already contributed to the GXCC 100km initiative, and June hasn’t even started yet! For everyone else, please support the boys (and a couple of old men) who are putting themselves on the line to help the club.

On nets, it’s been amazing to see how popular the opening up one of our nets has been, albeit under social distancing restrictions. And please be aware that the roller net is now also available for booking, where this net is most suitable for throw-downs and gentle bowling.

We have received feedback from members that securing a net booking is on the same scale of difficulty as bagging a home delivery on Ocado or Tesco-online. And I am aware that some members have been very successful at reserving multiple slots. Without wanting to imply criticism of anyone who has been using the nets a lot, we have decided to ensure that the available slots are spread more fairly throughout the club for all members who might want to use them. As a result, we have decided to restrict the number of net slots than any member can have reserved at one time to a maximum of three. As a result, please can you cancel any bookings over the three net maximum (of course, members can re-book those nets if they're still available once they've used up each of their net bookings). This restriction will not apply to the coaches who are using the nets for one-on-one coaching. Thanks for your understanding on this.

Two further points on the use of the nets.

First, please can I emphasise that the ECB guidance requires that a GXCC member is present whenever the net is in use, so please can you make sure this happens (ideally a senior or a parent overseeing a junior member).

Second, following (reasonable) complaints from local residents, we have now restricted the use of the nets early in the morning. So from now on, the first net session will begin at 8am. In any case, please be mindful of the effect of our activities on our neighbours at all times, especially with these early morning slots.

That’s all for now. Have an enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend and hopefully see you day.


Peter Westaway

Chairtman: Gerrards Cricket Club