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GXCC: Another net, another quiz and 100km!

19 May 2020

Dear members and friends,

A quick update on the GXCC nets situation. As we expected, there has been overwhelming demand from members for the use of the newly opened cricket net, both for coaching purposes but also for regular practice, with appropriate social distancing respected and subject to ECB-mandated restrictions on use. Claude Seimon, our child welfare officer, and I inspected the arrangement on Saturday afternoon, and we were happy with how it was being used and that health risks were being appropriately managed. Please, though, let me reiterate how important it is for everyone to respect the rules that are explained on the booking website.

Of course, it is disappointing that the demand for the net facilities has exceeded the availability, and some of you have not yet been able to use them. In response to that, we have decided to bring one of the portable nets into action and is available immediately for booking in 45-minute slots. Please note that because this net is located on a mown part of the outfield, it is only suitable for throw-downs and more gentle bowling, so please use this facility sensibly.

On a separate issue, I want to continue to emphasise the financial strains that the club is under as a result of the Coronacrisis.  Many thanks to those of you have sent in your subscriptions or contributed to the Patrons Board. This has already made a huge difference to ensuring that we can pay our immediate ongoing expenses. For others, please send in your subscriptions for the current season if you are able. As we said in an earlier message, please trust us to ensure that we will do everything we can to ensure that the eventual amounts retained by the club will reflect our attempt to strike a fair balance between the amount of cricket played and coaching provided this year and the need to preserve the club as a going concern.

In previous seasons, fund-raising events have always been an important part of our calendar. As you know, we had to cancel the pre-season dinner and the provisional plan to hold it in July is no longer realistic either. The hope remains that an end-of-“season” event can still take place, details to follow.

For now, there are some things we can do to bring members together and attempt to raise some money for the club while having fun, so in that spirit, we have decided to hold an online quiz. I know some of you may be suffering from "quiz fatigue" during these lockdown days, but I hope that the aim of helping the club will encourage you to participate. The Bunny-and-the-Chair-Zoom-quiz will take be taking place in a few weeks time, so watch out for details.

For now, our fund-raising efforts are focussed on the GXCC 100km run initiative launched by Richard Knudsen and Jon Denning. This involves senior members of the club obtaining sponsorship to run 100km in the month of June. Great effort lads, let's back them. The idea is to raise funds for the club during this crisis, with 15% also going to The Thames Hospice. If you want to take part, contact or

and if you want to sponsor one of the lads, please click here for Just Giving.

OK, that’s all for now, and look after yourselves.


Peter Westaway

Chairman: Gerrards Cross Cricket Club